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Updated: Apr 11, 2019


There is a tremendous need for great songs.

I repeat. There is a tremendous need for great songs.

As “AI” takes us over everything - songwriting is suffering.

I would go so far as to say- the world is suffering.

The Songwriting Education Industrial Complex, in my view, is not disseminating the information and knowledge that are imperative for songwriters to succeed in making anthems that are timeless, as well as successful.

Neither good songs nor great songs owe their success to the prevailing practices of songwriting education.

To the best of my knowledge, all of the songwriting programs being offered through universities or over the internet have either no, or extremely limited, lists of achievements by their graduates. That would suggest that the programs are simply not working.

I believe the only path to success here is to learn the craft by expanding your own creative process. It as my job as a teacher to nurture people’s capacity to do just that.

My belief is that the songwriting education needs to be focused primarily on the creative process- NOT the songwriting process.

You can learn the technique- but it does not make you an artist. You can build a songwriting ‘muscle’- but not the songwriting art form.

Microscopic scrutiny of anything else about the song will not serve the songwriting student. In my opinion, this approach is detrimental to the creative process.

This is not to say that music education in general is not helpful to the songwriter. My book will certainly help build the muscle. That is why I wrote it.

When I teach - I develop the Artist.

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