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Doesn’t get much better than this.

“Blame It On Me” -

When asked what I do for a living, my cynical self-deprecating response might be -

“I make shit up”.

That’s not to discount the only agenda: That is always to write a great song.

A lifetime of iconic songwriting, playing and production credits seems like just part of the gig - until now.

And some disappointments were soul destroying.

I never got cuts with Aretha or Ray and a Natalie Cole cut was lost.

Also disappointing was that in almost every case my master/demo was way better than the resulting cut - maybe with the exception of one Joe Cocker, one of the Rod Stewarts and an Amanda Marshall - all three transcendent and unique exceptions.

However never, until now has my true songwriting & musical intent been so masterfully and inspirationally fulfilled.

Bonnie has done all that I had hoped for, from Aretha, Ray and Natalie, but more so.

Bonnie Raitt’s recording of “Blame It On Me” is, for the first time, after a lifetime of doing this stuff - where my true musical heart and soul are expressed.

Thank you Bonnie for this stunning recording.

“Blame It On Me” - Just Like That

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