A room is a box.

We paint it, furnish it, put things on the walls and floor, but it’s still a


A house is s box with similar fillings.

A painting is a rectangular space that we fill with form and structure.

A sculpture is a block of material that we carve into to create form.

Stone sculpture in particular poses an interesting challenge because we take stuff away rather than add to create form

All of these creations have strict limitations as to size and structure.

What is the form, size and structure of a piece of music and particularly what is the size, form and structure of a potentially ‘popular’ song?

In creating that song, how do we make it livable as in a room or a house?

How do we make it desirable as in a piece of art that we choose to display on the walls of our hypothetical room?

Does our song have a foundation as in flooring or carpeting?

Is there a window?

What are the clothes and colors that we dress our song in?

Are there limitations similar to the models of a painting or sculpture, a novel or poem?

What makes us want to desire our creation and want to return to it, sleep in it, make love to it and remember it?

Ah yes...the great challenges of creativity!

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