Gold at the end of the rainbow?

Updated: Apr 16, 2019

Why Is This Website Different from All Other

Websites? Or – Let’s Play 20 Questions

1. Have you ever earned any money from a song?

2. If not, then why not?

3. The most recent new song that you’ve just heard for the first time, what do you remember about it?

4. Is there a difference in the qualities that make a song popular that depend on the genre? if a song is a R&B song, or a country song or a rock song, are the qualities that make it good and or popular, different, (or the same) depending on the genre? (Really long question)

What are song splits and collaborations? How do they work ?

5. How do I protect my song from being stolen?

6. How do songwriters get paid?

7. I can answer all these questions.

I just counted and there aren’t 20 questions here. I know. I was just being colloquial.

Producer at work

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